View Full Version : Migrating users - with a twist (change AD accounts to to local)

07-14-2010, 11:01 PM
This scenario occurs on 5 Mac Pros currently running 10.5 and that have a bunch of software already installed, which I am trying to avoid redoing (obnoxious email settings, etc).

These machines currently authenticate against Active Directory directly, but only one person logs on per machine. So basically the users on the machine are local admin and AD authenticated user with all files stored locally. The AD thing is starting to break down left and right and I'm proposing it's time for it to go. So I would like to convert the AD authenticated user's files and account over to a locally authenticated account. If it's useful I'm gonna upgrade these machines to 10.6 (preferably in place upgrade due to all of the preconfigured apps) either during this process or more likely after.

Thanks!!! :)