View Full Version : Make SL contextual menu services act more like OnMyCommand?

07-10-2010, 11:29 AM
[EDIT: Posted this in the wrong forum. Should be in "System." Sorry.]

After finally upgrading to 10.6 last week, today I'm spending some time rolling my own services to replace a bunch of Finder contextual menu items that OnMyCommand (http://www.abracode.com/free/cmworkshop/on_my_command.html) previously made possible.

The change to services is an adequate replacement for most of what I'm trying to do, but there are a couple of aspects of OMC's behaviour that I can't seem to replicate in Automator. Neither is especially problematic, but I thought I'd ask before giving up:

1) When right-clicking on an empty spot in a Finder window or the desktop, OMC would take the folder displayed as "__OBJ_PATH__" (analogous to "input" in an Automator service script). Services apparently need something actually selected to be triggered.

2) It was possible to create submenus on the context menu with OMC. I suppose I could work around this by using some kind of categorical naming of the services, but the list is still going to be quite long without some nesting.

I presume neither of these are possible, but if someone knows different, please advise.