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04-15-2010, 05:31 PM

I have an old eMac that's been running for a while. The other day when I tried to turn it on, I got to a blue screen and it just hung there. I was able to boot into safe-mode to backup my data. But I haven't been able to boot-up from the cd or anything to re-install the OS - it always hang at the blue screen.

So...i tried to reinstall the OS through firewire, wiped the hard drive, tried to install, only to get an error that I couldn't install OS X (leopard) on that hard drive. The console log says that it couldn't "Create a bootable partition/drive..." or something like that. I was wondering if it had something to do with trying to install OS X on an Apple Partition Table from an Intel iMac (the eMac is a powerpc and the other firewired machine is an intel iMac).

But yeah it's been dead ever since...

Other things ive tried BEFORE i wiped the hard drive and tried a re-install:
-resetting PRAM
-single user mode and several commands I found on this forum & apple help
-safe mode (this worked)
-checked for login items/fonts/enhancements etc.. etc.. but nothing was present.

Anyone know what's going on? The only two thing I can think of right now is a hard drive failure or a logicboard failure/no power etc..

thanks in advance!

04-16-2010, 07:34 PM
only to get an error that I couldn't install OS X (leopard) on that hard drive.

Leopard's installer checks to see if your processor speed is at least 867 MHz. Is your old eMac running at 867 MHz or faster?


04-16-2010, 07:56 PM
Also, booting to the installer on an Intel Mac will not allow you to install to a hard drive that does not have a GUID partition.

Have you tried doing the install the other way?: Start your Intel Mac with the OS X installer in its drive, holding the letter T to go into Firewire target boot mode. Wait for the floating Firewire icon. Now, start your eMac, holding the option key. If you get icons on the screen, wait for the OS X installer icon. Continue to wait for the spinning cursor to change to a normal arrow. Choose the OS X installer, then click the right-facing arrow.
If you boot to the installer, you should be OK to continue with that install.
If you just get the blue screen, then you might go with the idea of a bad logic board. You can open the little panel on the bottom of your iMac. Look for some little silver cans. You may see one that is swelling, or even leaking some brown goop. If you see that, there's your problem, typical for mid-level eMacs. I've replaced logic boards on hundreds of eMacs for that issue - it's quite common.