View Full Version : Buggy Address Book crashes with large notes

04-14-2010, 06:54 AM
Starting with 3.0 software on my iPhone 3G (4.73G free in 8G) and continuing through the latest (3.1.3), viewing an AddressBook contact with a long notes crashes the AddressBook, causing it to go black before dumping me back at the home screen. Contacts with short notes work fine. Actually, the initial view of a Contact with long notes works, too, but as soon as I try to scroll down to view the contact's note, WHAM, it crashes.

My iPhone 3G's AddressBook worked great with 2.x software: I have contacts with very long notes from years of consulting (e.g., over 50,000 characters including spaces for some contacts). This also worked fine on my Palm Treos before switching to an iPhone.

I submitted a formal bug complaint with Apple when 3.0 came out and my AddressBook started crashing; I included my iPhone's panic logs as they requested. Apple's answer: it's a known problem and, apparently, not a priority, since even after revisions to 3.1.3 my AddressBook still crashes.

By the way, if you ever want to shatter the illusion of the iPhone's so-called stability, including Apple's own apps but especially 3rd-party apps, simply skim through your log files to see all the iPhone crashes: user/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/MobileDevice/youriPhone.... It's an ugly sight, indeed.

I even emailed Steve Jobs a couple of months ago to complain that his team knows of the bug, but hasn't fixed it even after several iPhone software revisions.

If Apple is the surrogate center of your Pantheism, you'll probably tell me I shouldn't use long notes. But again, long notes worked perfectly fine with several Palm products and even in this same iPhone 3G phone with 2.x software.

To access my long notes while in the field with customers, I have to use LogMeIn Ignition to remote-control my AddressBook on my MacMini Server. What a joke.

When Jobs recently called Adobe programmers "lazy," clearly he was PROJECTING.


I'm starting to hate Apple. Windows sucks mightily squared, but Steve Jobs really is a benevolent dictator and there's evidence he'd be much worse than Bill Gates if he ever gained that much market share. Too bad FreeBSD UNIX and Linux never got sexy on their own.