View Full Version : finder, list view, deleting, highlighting

02-18-2010, 08:35 PM
i'm not sure if i was able to do this before i did a clean install of snow leopard or if it was just a windows memory but here's my issue:

in list view, if there's a series of files, like photos and the list exceed the bounds of my screen and i'm deleting files (or trashing as the case may be) -- when i highlight one item and command + delete -- the selection should move to the next item on the list, right? it doesn't and i find it frustrating when organizing my photos that i just want to browse through pressing the down arrow key or tab while the spacebar is previewing the image -- and when i find one i want to delete, i press command + delete -- and i'd have to be really aware of the photo number/name to get back to where i left off because pressing the down arrow only brings me to the top of the list.

can anyone help me with this frustration?