View Full Version : [Leopard]NFS Problems With long path

01-15-2010, 02:28 AM
Hello all. I have some macs with Leopard on it.
Version Leopard.
We have nfs file server on linux Debian.
I mounted it.. it works well...
Works with acl well.
All looks fine except one problem.
Sometimes users can't access some files with long path.
For example:


/Users/username/purify/projects/Проекты и заказчики/Салют (ММПП)/Салют(VIP)/VIPБуклет_2007_Май/Fonts

not accesseble while i not change any names of folder in this path.

If you can't see path - it because it in utf8 codepage and Russian.
So, in Linux it accesseble normaly from clients.
With mac's i have this trouble.
What can i do to fix it?
Is there any log files for nfs client in mac?