View Full Version : Problems with configd and the Firewall Preference Pane

12-25-2009, 06:44 AM
Here's one that's been bugging me for many months now (on my PowerBook):

Every time I reboot and connect to a wireless network, I get a dialogue box that asks me: Do you want to allow "configd" to accept incoming…

I click yes, then authenticate as an admin, and it works fine, but it doesn't get added to my firewall allow list. Others such as natd, named, and nmblookup have been added to the allow list, and I never have to re-authenticate for those.

Why doesn't configd get added to the allow list, and is there any way I can permanently allow configd to receive incoming connections?

12-25-2009, 07:09 AM
Update: after poking around a bit on the 'net I found a thread (http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=406592) related to my question. Apparently, we can use the "Go to Folder" keyboard shortcut once we've clicked on the plus icon in the Firewall Preference Pane. One poster in the thread described the key combination as "alt-shift-g", but that did not work on my PowerBook. I used shift-command-g, then navigated to /usr/sbin and clicked on configd. I've now got configd in the allow list, and… after a reboot I'm still asked to authenticate for configd, even though configd still shows in the pane. How annoying!

12-25-2009, 07:39 AM
Good news: After rebooting a second time, I was not asked to authenticate to allow configd. I guess I just needed to authenticate that one extra time after adding it to the allow list.