View Full Version : iPods not detected by itunes

08-26-2009, 02:27 PM
Hello all

I have Mac Pro (10.5.8) with itunes 8.2.1 installed. I have had an iPod classic 80G synchronizing with it for the last year or so. Everything used to work perfectly.

Last week, I plugged it in to update my music on it. I had not plugged it in in a couple months (it charges in a separate charge station). Upon being plugged in, it did not show up in itunes, however it did show up in finder as an ipod.

I spent many days trying to find some solution, but have come up empty handed. Nothing I do makes it show up in itunes. Here are some of the things I have tried:
-A complete reinstall of itunes, following the Apple document for a thorough uninstall (deleting various files, itunes helper, etc.) (I tried this various times, deleting all itunes files I could find, apple mobile devices, itunesX reseipt, etc.)
-Plugged in another ipod (120GB classic), which also does not work with my computer.
-Plugged the ipod into my macbook, which detects and will sync with it just fine.
-Changed USB cords and USB ports
-Reset the ipod
-Formatted the ipod through disk utility
-Restored the ipod through my macbook

The only time I got even a hint of itunes detecting the ipod was when I used time machine to revert itunes back to a version from january... causing it to throw up a message about needing to reinstall the ipod support software from the install disks (which I tried, but was unable to find anything related to ipod support software or even itunes on the install disks)

Also worth note: I have an iphone, and it IS detected. Only ipods seem to have the problem.

I'm completely out of ideas for what to do. I've been perusing google for the last week trying to find some solution, but to no avail. If anyone has any ideas, I would super appreciate the help!