View Full Version : Finder Not Responding (Wireless LAN Issue?)

06-26-2009, 03:16 AM
I have an old-as-dirt iMac G4 which is being used for nothing other than a glorified server these days. I have a 500 GB External HD connected to it and wirelessly mount it to my Macbook Pro.

Lately I've had an issue where the Finder on my Macbook has been hanging up after a day or two. The reason I feel it might be network related is because it only happens upon accessing iTunes (which is reading the Library on the Ext HD). This doesn't happen every time I access iTunes, mind you. For about a day or two I can browse my Library, add new music, download podcasts, and sync my iPod just fine, but then at random iTunes will stop responding then the Finder will immediately stop responding, not even allowing me to relaunch, which forces me to hard boot (which I hate having to do all the time). Upon hopping over to the iMac, I notice the same thing: hung Finder.

For reference, both computers are still running 10.4.11 (I know. Get with the times, right?)

Any suggestions?