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06-18-2009, 06:51 AM
I stopped using Write Now about about 23 years ago. One of the best word processors ever made. My father continued on for quite a bit longer. With the Advent of Leopard this format was becoming not just extinct but inaccesible (no more classic). And were all wondering if it Snow Leopard wll bring the demise of Rosetta that powers non Intel, non fat binary apps.

I thought I would give Sheep Saver a try it was pain to set up though I found a lot of elements freely accessible (official instructions were quite poor).
It worked in the end but it was fussy. Getting Apps and Doc in and out of OS9 Disk images was a pain and 1 of two documents I tried was either corrupt or not. Not good for my technically challenged father.

I was going to upgrade him to MacLink Plus 16 we have 12 but that is a classic App. It not being a fat binary meant it might die with Rosetta if that happens.

Then I thought why not just try opening the documents in Word 2008 (have not tried 2004). Once upon time Word natively handled Write Now docs. I also tried Neo Office 3.

Word has a feature show all and then from file type Recover text from any document. ** It did a virtually perfect translation of the document** I tired Neo Office it to was able to open the document but it created one large paragraph of text with the top and bottom pages with crap characters.

Either would be acceptable in a pinch. Though the latter was much better.

I personally also went through many other dead end aps MacWrite Pro etc. Anyway I just thought I would share that there are off the shelf Intel native Mac OS ways to get at your old documents I had not considered.

06-18-2009, 10:14 PM
I confirmed the feature in MS word X, 2004, or 2008.

Write Now 4's Contemporary MS Word 5.1 I believe had native support for Write now.