View Full Version : How do I view the icons in my Safari history? I'd love to know.

04-08-2009, 06:44 PM
I've been trying to view the history of my MacBook, because I've seen AIM over my eight-year-old sister's shoulder three times now, and she's tried to give away information such as where we live before.

But I have no proof that she's been on there, since she clears the history, as I do.

I've asked elsewhere if restoring deleted history is possible, and I've heard it isn't, but the AIM icon would be the next-best thing.
I've heard that icons aren't usually cleared, so I went here: /Library/Safari/Icons.db
I feel like an idiot, but how do I open this file and see the icons, exactly?

I use Mac OS X Leopard, Version 10.5.6 ; Safari Version 3.1.2 .